The bills have tightened and you are considering applying for a personal loan? Do not feel alone! The personal loan is now one of the functions most accessed by the Brazilian when it uses financial services through the internet, according to bunderps data.

However, what few know is that personal loans can also be requested by mobile apps. But how does the online loan for apps work and why can the app often be a better choice than placing your application on the site? Want to know the answer to these and other questions? Keep reading!

Why Ask for a Personal Loan?

Why Ask for a Personal Loan?

Calm! Having to resort to a personal loan is not the end of the world. There are several reasons that can make this the best option to help with financial matters. And before we talk about online loan applications, let’s review some of the situations where making this application is a good option:

  • Consolidate Debts: Those who have many debts in arrears can have a good loan in the online loan. That way, you can consolidate all debts into one, reducing the amount of interest you pay and avoiding it without some of the services you use the most;
  • Paying Credit Card: Well, we know that the interest rates on the credit card are very high. Often, making a personal loan to take it off and prevent the problem from turning the famous snowball may be exactly what you need;
  • Open a venture: always dreamed of being your own boss but missing money for it? Online application lending may be the missing push to fulfill your dream;
  • Taking a trip: Taking a vacation can end up costing more than we expected, which causes many people to postpone the long-awaited rest. But the truth is you do not have to do that. The personal loan may be the missing piece to plan your trip;
  • Paying for a course: investing in education is vital to a successful career. However, many courses and colleges can be expensive and getting extra bucks to pay you off with an online application loan may be the solution.

How does online application lending work?

How does online application lending work?

Personal loan is a form of credit that often does not require collateral. That is, unlike a real estate mortgage, for example, where the property serves as collateral, to apply on personal loan you do not need to present any good as collateral.

This makes this modality much less bureaucratic. That is why, currently, you can make your credit application online, simply by entering some information such as name, CPF, bank account and proof of address.

However, another much more practical way of getting that extra money for any of the situations we described above – or one you find necessary – is by online application loan.

Many financial institutions have their own apps, through which the applicant can quickly simulate the amount they need, the number of installments they want to pay, and see the total value of their loan. With the simulation done, you can place the order by the application itself and track the status of your request closely.

Apps still send notifications – such as when your request is approved and you need to send the copy of some documents to finalize the loan. Once the money has fallen into your account, you can still use the app to track the payment of installments and the discharge of your loan. All in a very practical way to help you control your finances and not get involved!

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